Saturday, April 28, 2007

27 hour clock!

Insomnia? Or genetically predisposed?

Gene explains why people are night owls

By monitoring when and how often the mice chose to run on an exercise wheel the team spotted a change in some of the animals’ normal rhythms.

Instead of following the typical 24 hour pattern, some of the mice had body clocks that stretched to up to a 27 hour day.

Closer study of the DNA from the mice then revealed that those on a 27-hour-cycle had the after hours version of the Fbxl3 gene, one of a large family that controls the breakdown of specific proteins within body cells.

IT ALL MAKES SENSE!!! I love the number 27 because I am on a 27 hour NIGHT OWL GENETIC CODE! Yay for Science. Now perhaps, if I stopped “drinking coffee at midnight, when the moment is not right…”

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