Sunday, February 22, 2009

Handicapped space 27/Dining 27

Novac writes:

This sign appeared outside my apartment building this week. These signs go up whenever we have someone move in who needs it, but they are never numbered. It's a mystery why this one was numbered, but no surprise that it had this particular number on it.


When on an anniversary trip last year, we dined at a popular chain restaurant. Since there was a long wait, they gave us this to inform us when our turn was up.


Our readers write

27 fan Kyle sent us an impressive list of 27 sightings. I think a couple of them may have been noted, but most of them seem new to me. Thanks, Kyle! Here's his list in its entirety:

Lucky Numbers: the winning lotto number at the end of the movie, the point to which the whole movie builds, is 27!

Swordfish- on the roof of the cop car that blows up across full screen in the opening sequence

Elf- when talking in the stairwell of police station, a huge 27 is right behind them

Arrested Development, Season 1, episode Shock and Awe: Hallway scene with heather graham, a huge 27 is behind them

Arrested Development: after the workplace accident, Michael erases the sign in the office that specifies the number of days without an accident at work, which says "27."

The Itallian Job: The amount of the money to be stolen in the heist is 27 million dollars

Date Movie: In the "milkshake" scene, the number on the fire engine clearly displayed in the center is 27

Independence Day: in the area 51 hanger, before they take off to fight the aliens, a big 27 is displayed on the wall behind the conversation.

Hero: the fireman on the ledge, at the critical juncture in the movie, has the number 27 front and center on his hat.

Sum of All Fears: in the opening sequence the nuclear arsenal is said to contain 27,000 nukes

Heroes: season one, episode "Five years in the future": the number 27 is clearly displayed on Mohinder's tag at the very end of the episode

Back to the Future 2: When Marty arrives at his dystopian future home, his mom remarks, "Here we are! Back on the good ol' 27th floor!"

Cellular: it's in this movie two times: the cop says he's been on the force for 27 years, and when the kid takes the phone to cops

Big Lebowski: it's in this movie two times, as well: The Dude is said to have violated 27 of the bowling league's laws, and after the ransom letter scene, they are bowling in lane 27

Chuck: Episode with Rachel Bilson: He goes in to give her flowers at the deli, and she calls out "27!"

Smallville: in one episode, there's a guy with a "27" t-shirt

I Now Pronounce you Chuck and Larry: at the beginning of credits, "E-27"

Dude Where's My Car: The answer to the question "What is the average speed an African ostrich can run?" is said to be 27 mph

Déjà vu: In the finale, there is a shoot out which takes place around and up against a tow truck with the number 27 on its side.

Failure to Launch: In the scene where they finally get together, the one guys notes that he has installed 27 cameras in his room.