Thursday, March 04, 2004

This is a blog devoted to sightings of the number 27 in pop culture, news, and any other random places it decides to pop up.

My friends and I discovered the magic of 27 in college, realizing that people would frequently cite the number 27 in conversation when needing a random number. For example:

"Oh my God, I love this movie. I've seen it like 27 times."

We then began seeing it creep into other things...movies, songs, TV shows. We discovered a website called The 27 Conspiracy, which was a great source of sightings for a while...but Brandon, the keeper of that site, got too busy to keep up with it.

Weird Al Yankovic references the number 27 in a lot of his songs and videos. Some alert listener has chronicled all the Al-related 27s here.

I'm going to post the random sightings I've seen here, and continue posting them as I see them. Have a sighting to add? Email me!

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Joshua said...

New 27 forum.

Things are not as the appear...