Tuesday, May 10, 2005

From the Opinion Journal :)

Watching the Watchers
Australian blogger Tim Blair calls our attention to an amusing kerfuffle Down Under that involves this Web site. It began when Janet Albrechtsen, a columnist for the Australian newspaper, gave a plug to the work of Arthur Chrenkoff:

Good news [about Iraq] is not hard to come by. But when something positive does happen, it either gets filtered through the anti-war eyes of the media or is all but ignored. And that is what the terrorists are counting on. They must detest The Wall Street Journal. Each fortnight the paper's website (www.wsj.com) includes a round-up of good news from Iraq. It makes for refreshing reading, if only to even up the Iraq ledger.

Last week came the latest instalment, all 27 pages of it.

27 pages of good news, from the prestigious Wall Street Journal? We wanted to know more . . . but couldn't find it on their web site.

Monday, May 09, 2005

The Buffalo/WNY sitering grew to 27 members today!

Ah. 27 :) So happy.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Boozie had a random 27 a few days ago...Thanks to Eden for alerting me to this:

Somehow, I ended up drinking about 27 pitchers of bowling alley beer. You know that shit is overcarbonated, right? I STILL have a headache from it. Also? when we came home from the bowling alley? after drinking 27 pitchers of beer? I drank one more.