Thursday, February 22, 2007

Scrantonicity 27 Lover

From BWE blog.


Last week we posed the question that was on everybody's mind: Who rocks your world harder- the newly reunited Police or the world's most popular Police cover band, Scrantonicity? Well, the results are in and it's not even close. Scrantonicity DESTROYED Sting & company by a score of 357 - 4. It was a blood bath. And judging by most of the comments, it looks like The Police never stood a chance. Here are some of our favorites:
  • Talent wise-Scrantonicity. Awesomeness wise-Scrantoicity. -david lynch
  • I vote for Scrantonicity-hands down! They played my wedding and ROCKED IT! Who’s Sting? -Tunalicious27
  • Scrantonicity all the way, dude. Had Kevin not told us, I wouldn’t have thought it was only their third wedding. Fourth or fifth, at LEAST. -Claire
  • UMM… Scratonicity is the #1 up and coming band right now. the police are like a little kid at his own birthday party. no one wants to say anything bad because that would be rude, but everyone is just their because there isn’t much else to do… or they are friends with the parents in the police. or there is a girl at the party that they have been wanting to meet. OH YEAH!!!!! -J
  • I’ve never even heard of The Police. But Scrantonicity is huge here in the Electric City. -BigDCfromSCRANTON
Sorry Sting-- maybe if you're lucky Kevin and the boys will let you guys open up for them. If you head over to you can download a Scrantonicity flyer. Don't go printing them up and hanging them around the office, though. You wouldn't want to create a panic.

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