Monday, August 02, 2004

27s from the research assistant...

Since my lovely roommie was so kind as to find my explanation of the magic of 27 and put it at the top of the blog, she has been named the official research assistant of The Chronicles of 27. (It's it's own reward...)

Here are some of her sightings:

Her mother has wanted to know since 1976: Is Cathy ever going to get married?

We all know her - perhaps a little too well. Pathetic one day, empowered the next. Since she first appeared in newspapers 27 years ago, the maddening yet lovable Everywoman has struggled "with the four basic guilt groups: food, love, mother and career," said her creator, Cathy Guisewite.

27 Sightings of Late.
1. 27 days for a marriage license.

I saw this article a few days ago.
There's more to marriage than a license


Last week, a group of Michigan lawmakers, hoping to stem the alarming divorce rate, proposed a law: couples would have to undergo four hours of pre-marital counseling.

If they refused, they would have to wait 27 days for a marriage license, instead of just three.

Now, I can hear our married readers screaming, "Go for the 27! Are you crazy?" This only shows the disconnect between those who dream of jumping over the broom, and those who are already sweeping up.

2. 27 Giambra Regionalism Proposals.
Short on results?

Not all of Giambra's ideas are faring so well. Of the 27 proposals floated by the county executive, the cities, towns or villages he needed to work with rejected nearly half. And some of those communities criticized Giambra for his "flavor of the month" approach to regionalism.

3. U.S. Constitution
has 27 amendments...

4. Secret Peach Passion Sparkly Gel Deodorant
2.7 ounces! What more could a Jen ask for? Peach and sparkly!

5. In the book that Erin and I bought for lent...
the first a meditation, that you are supposed to say one time and then REPEAT 26 times. Meaning 27 times. Another sign...

8. Sofia Coppola
What up? Is she really the first American woman to be nominated as best director? And did it really take her...dadadada 27 days to make the film? Whoa. I think she was a terrible actress, right?

Walgreen's Drugstore.
I was purchasing an item that the cashier thought was in the rebate book. I knew it wasn't I already looked...but she said "just give me 27 seconds!" : )

Another 27 sighting...although I am not sure how positive this one is...
Some question the expense of having a full-time Council in Buffalo with its staff of 27 and dozens of interns.

We just downsized 4 at-large members, which should not have even been an issue...but...Well, isn't it obvious that we don't need that many members? But obvious in Buffalo. Home of all things racially motivated of course. 27 staff members.

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